Friday, June 11, 2010

Want to know what a Real First Level PC is like?

Abby Sunderland .

16 years old (about staring level) brave, smart and tough enough to attempt a solo trip around the world. Given that she had enough sense to call for help when in trouble, brains to make proper plans and enough charisma to talk her parents into letting do this foolish thing, I'd say the young lady was rolling 4d6 drop one all the way.

Heck her Wikipedia page even lists her occupation as Adventurer!

Now in our world she'll probably end her adventuring and settle down to a life in academia but in a D&D world, ah a person like that would probably keep adventuring and might even end up high level.

So as an armchair adventurer, I salute you and your brother Zack. Real Adventurers all


  1. But did she have to contend with giant rats?

  2. Probably not. Maybe a Locath or two or just the weather.

    This kind of reminds me though , one of these days I need to do my "philosophy of experience points" post.