Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sigh: More Pathfinder, a New Parry Rule

Apologies to all my OSR friends and readers. I'll have some classic content soon, I promise.

However I was feeling inspired and thought I'd toss a new Pathfinder parry rule folks way. This rule can be used with a little adjustment with older editions at least so long as the character has multiple attacks.


Any character may elect to forgo a move action or one or more attacks they are eligible for in order to gain a dodge bonus to AC. Each attack gains a bonus of +2, in addition giving up the move grants a bonus of +2 as well. In order to give up more than one attack, the move must be given up as well.

So a 1st level wizard may choose to gain a bonus of +4 if choses not to move or just +2 if he needs to scoot but chooses not to cast.

as another example, Oletana is surrounded by a vast goblin warband , being all out of spells and wild shifts (hey, there were a lot of goblins) she decides to parry with one attack , giving up her move as well to add 4 to her AC. This will hopefully be enough to keep her alive till Seng brings help ...

Note this rule is not playtested, so if the bonus is too much let me know and as always your feedback is welcome.

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