Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fighting Styles in Midrea

This is a short list with no stats (those might be in a later to be released PDF) of some of the many fighting styles on Midrea

Sword and Buckler:This is the ubiquitous form of personal self defense

Weapon and Shield: Common style pretty much everywhere where armor is expensive.

The Hala:
The Vara method of systematic unarmed/armed fighting. Kind of like a mix of Combat Wrestling and London Masters of Defense

7 Elements Fighting:
Mostly sword, spear and shield work based around the elemental philosophy that pervades my game world

Stick Dance:
Flashy unarmed/stick form that is disguised as a dance. A little like Jo-Jitsu and Wu-Shu and Capoeira blended

12 fold path swordmanship:
Kind of like a Westernized Kenjutsu /Longsword Mix. The practitioners are known for their excellent swords with the dodecahedral pommel nuts

Speed Fighting: Knife and unarmed skills from the South

Shou Stick Fighting. Basically comprehensive Escrima in most respects

Knife and Buckler. A Narja style where long knives are used in place of swords as swords are illegal.

Greatsword Fighting. A popular style for big men.

Pollaxe Fighting. Likewise

Sama-Dob > A mix of Sumo and Boxing with a few kicks from the Islands.

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