Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wonder of Midrea

Here is a list of a few of the Wonders of Midrea

- Edana the City of Glory -- probably the most beautiful city in the world. It is said to be so beautiful that even the beggars hovels are radiant. This is the capitol city of Vala and few have seen it

The Pyramids of Hajasa -- Built a millenia ago by the shapers they are an impressive surviving monument to those fallen peoples. Now they are deep in skin-hunter infested jungle and dangerous as the hells

Black Gate Keep -- Stronghold of the Blackgate order its built right on a a failed attempt to make a gate to an abyssal realm.. This stone fortress has never fallen from within or without.

The Imperial Fortress-- This is the seat of Delan power and deep below in its armories is the largest collection of magic items in existence.

The Citadel -- its is the perfect prison delved deep into a partially submerged mountain and controlled by the Keepers – priest adepts of the Lawmaker.
Being sent there is generally considered a fate worse than death as a sentence is forever. Suicide is functionally impossible and inmates do not age.

The Stewards Palace-- this is the spiritual center of the twenty kingdoms -- the palace is decorated with a living mural depicting the health of the kingdoms who have sworn Oaths and been bound to the Stewards throne. Now this once magnificent palace stands empty -- the throne unoccupied as a terrible mural of blood death and pain plays itself out on the walls.

The Great Library -- The Keep of the Loremasters in Firom is the greatest institution of learning in the world and contains an immensity of volumes -- all fully cataloged. Even the Imperial Library and the Hunzun Scolasiums pale in comparison

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