Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Other Arcane Casters in Midrea

Sorcerers, Spell Singers,Battle Sorcerers Bards and anyone with innate Arcane Powers tap a magic field called "Glamor" basically its a kind of "Glare and Clamor" a magic radiation given off by all life forms from The Violet Realm aka Faerie --

This power is quite common on the Middle Realm -- Imported by Elves originally to "Faerie-form" Midrea. Now the magic the power is pretty much everywhere.
Sorcery is innate and a player must declare if they are taking it at 1st level either by spending a feat (Bloodline, Prodigal Caster, Latent Sorcerer) by taking a level of Sorcerer or one of the other classes or by being a half elf, gnome or other race with likely innate powers
There is one country where Sorcery is common (all of the nobles are Sorcerers or other similar classes) and a few Sorcerer clans (ala Dusk or Diablo's Mage Clans) otherwise the gift is recessive and hereditary and happens in maybe 1 person in 100 ,if that.

Folks treat Sorcerers pretty much as Wizards, with respect and a little fear since they can't tell the difference between them for the most part anyway.

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