Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Technology on Midrea

Technology on Midrea is pre electricity. Some knowledge from earth did survive but the lack of petrochemicals, coal or other easily exploitable energy sources put severe limits on growth. The most readily available energy sources are peat and wood. Wood can be hard to come by as forests are often guarded by hostile monsters.

Magic power sources exist but other than continual light orbs can be very difficult and expensive to make.

Building materials include stone, wood and the usual though the Vara have something like high durability concrete

Tools are at about the 1800 level or so without gunpowder. While gunpowder is known is is not used much in warfare do to the vulnerability to magic and the expense. It is used for blasting and occasionally sabotage.

These is a safer alchemical version called Dragon Dust which can only be detonated by a special primer. Outside of the Dragon Isles it is quite expensive.

The most advanced non magic weapon known is the Brin Air Rifle a 40 caliber repeater. This exotic weapon is effect and lethal but is rare do to the expense. Only the Brin field these in any number.

Optics including the microscope, telescopes and glasses for both near and far sightedness

Medicine is advanced with crude antibiotic powders and the like although magic is preferred when available.

Musical is very advanced and includes a staggering range of instruments some of which are quasi-magical and make sounds that cannot be made on Earth without a synthesizer.

The best armor and weapons are made of Ibari Steel. The weapon steel corresponds to wootz and while the armor steel is made of less exalted metals, its is exceptionally strong, resembling Milanese White Harness

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