Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wizards In Midrea

Wizard magic is based on a combination of science, computer programming and meditation. A Wizard prepares spells by using complicated formulas to cast their mind into the outer realms (Cuthuloid land more or less) then find and embedding fragments of the meta language of creation into their the mind. These fragments when released act are "spells" Each spellbook has a different mantra or formula for finding the desired results hence it requires time to decipher and understand a system of magic you weren't trained in. Also The mantras are very complicated and unless spell mastery is taken require a spellbook to remember them

All Wizards have spell mastery for Read Magic and most have it for several other spells. Note that if INT increases (naturally only) spells known with Spell Mastery increases retroactivly. Thus a high level mage with 2 feats in Spell Mastery and INT 20 will have Read Magic and 10 other mastered spells. It isn't possible to de-Wizard someone -- if they have eschew components and spell mastery all they have to do is have a few minutes to relax and viola they have spells again.
If they have other Metamagic feats and more slots than mastered spells they can fill up the slots with improved versions. They lose versatility but not all power. Also magic items are created ONLY with power components-- It isn't possible to spend XP on items.

Wizards are typically arranged in the following ways

#1 Traditionalist -- 1 Wizard and 1-4 apprentices. These types consider this to be the best way to learn magic. The traditionalists of 21st level and higher are organized into the "Council" a group of Wizards who theoretically oversee all Wizards but in practice are more of a social club
for Archmagi.

#2 Academics-- These are trained in Wizard School. The usually well educated and have a variety of knowledges.

#3 Military- Since anyone who has an INT of 12 or better (full 33% of the population) can eventually learn to cast Fireball with enough training most nations have an Military Wizards School . Military Wizards may have Fighter or Eldritch Knight levels or even other militant PRC's. They are almost always officers.

#4 Guilds There are guild Wizards in some areas. The Guild function as fraternal and regulatory organizations for spell casters including Sorcerers and others in some cases.
#5 Self Taught-- Anyone with access to spellbook can learn spells if they have the INT for it. It is rare but folks have taught themselves Arcane Magic from time to time
#6 Tutored-- It is possible in most areas to hire a magic teacher if you have money and time. Alternately a few spells may be taught from parent to child or the like . Because of this many folks know a cantrip or two.

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