Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Actual List of Races

Like the Pathfinder class list before it, this is "Fan content" as it contains mentions of several races that are closed content. All LA +0 Races are built on 32 point buy except LA +1 races who receive only 28 points.

As I do not always start at 1st level, a couple of races ,Warforged who have are essentially cyborgs can only be played at this level. Elan, who are psionically uplifted humans , as well as LA +1 templates are treated somewhat differently. They can be taken for the cost of a feat if the character is level five or above.

Natural Lycanthropes are also available, Boar, Bear and Hunting Cat. As mentioned, these are only available in L5 and up games and require the 1st three levels be taken in a custom racial class.

Half Elf
Half Orc
Dwarf (Hill, Mountain, City)
Elf (Grey or Light)
War Forged (as Ebberon 5th level and up only)
Iron Born
Spirit Folk (OA, Wood (bamboo) River, Sea)
Assimar (+1 LA)
Tiefling (+1 LA)
Azhar (Jinn Blooded, GRR Freeport)
Lesser Assimar (+0 LA)
Lesser Tiefling (+0 LA)

Half Fey (no Wings +1LA)
Half Troll (as Half Ogre +1LA)
Fetch (Ghost Born)
Ghul (Ghoul Born)
Gheden (Undead Grafted)
Half Vampire (Changed in Womb)
Stone Boned Corrupted
Poisoned Corrupted
Taint Corrupted
Arcane Blood Corrupted
Elan (add race abilities to human, LA+1,)
Death Touched (+1 LA)
Element Touched (+1 LA, as per races in SRD)
Dhampire (+1 LA, +2 Con, Immune Vampire Dominate +4 VS Undead Saves, Detect Vampire as Detect Undead, +4 to Escape Artist)

Natural Lycanthrope (Bear, Boar, Cat ) To play one of these guys, the game must be starting at L5 and up. The "level adjustments" must be taken as the 1st three class levels.

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