Sunday, July 18, 2010

So What Kind of Campaigns do You Run ?

I thought I'd share my campaign prospectus for Midrea based games with y'all. This is a list of "what I have the resources and ideas to run" basically.
All of these games are Midrea based and in general are meant to be run with Pathfinder. Most of these (excluding Men Mechs and Magic and Cannon Dreams which can be run with GURPS) can be run well in older editions as well.

I've included a brief "where" note with these as well so folks can tell what part of the world is emphasized.

Man Mech and Magic:
Clockpunk Vision of Escaflowne mixed in with standard Midrea. (7 Nations)

Cannon Dreams:
The Age of Pyrates Version of the above. (7 Nations and Dragon Empire/Islands)

Destiny of Swords:
Someone has shattered the Jewel of the Stars. Each of the pieces will grant great power to anyone or anything THING that finds one. The characters are Jewel Hunters on the track of sahards for good or ill. THis is basically Inuyasha with a Euro bent. D&D or BESM (Pretty Much Everywhere starting either in Rojin or Hajasa)

Midrea Unglued
D&D played for laughs. Hanz and Franz, Talking Squirels, Flumph Paladins and more goofiness played with the rules as written. This is comic but there is no 4th wall breaching unless its really funny. (Midlands Barbaria, Northlands)

Stand with the Joykiller and save your kingdom from all threats within and without. While you are at it find the King a wife, the Princess a suitable husband, manage the factions and keep the assassins at bay. Quite a task, even for a Kingsman. (20 Kingdom in particular Amar)

Path of Blades
The kingdoms war has been good for mercenaries. So come to Fourgate, spend some gold between jobs. help out your buddies,solve mysteries and raise some hell. Its a mercs life. (Fourgate and the 20 Kingdoms)

Down Below:
There are few ways of the projects, money, connections or a military scholarship. Without those there is only the Rangers. The characters are the memeber of the Ranger corp (not necesarily the class) chartered to protect Polis from Down Below or sometimes itself. D&D with very very high magic (Polis, which is on a small island by itself)

Younger Sons:
One hundred years ago a magical catacylsm killed every human in Amachis. Now the curse has ended and the rush has began. The party are all younger sons of Amachian expatriats with little prospects sent back to the motherland to make their way (obviously Amachia though PC's will come from the Midlands or Under the Law)

Children of Damnation:
The party members are all children of Azgoth, Demon Prince of Defilement. You may be half a fiend but you have free will. What will you do with your gifts now that Father has taken an interest in you (Freepor)

The players are members of an elite Unit of trouble shooters in Glandria (the France Like kingdom in the 20 kingdoms) Its mission based and structured but otherwise pretty standard stuff. (Galandria in the 20 Kingdoms)

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