Friday, July 30, 2010

Theme Parties #1 Exiles of the House of Brass

Exiles of the House of Brass (themed 3.5/Pathfinder)

A group of young adventurers whose parents were exiled from House Brass in the Dragon Empire have chosen voluntary exile and seeking adventure among friends to protect themselves from political enemies.

Special Note: Assume the PC's have some kind of Scry Ward cast on them, probably by the parent of the Sorcerer. This renders them immune to scry spells , crystal balls and the like. In such cases, assume that the spell and any other non epic ones, simply fail. If you like, the spell can wear off as the characters level up or its time for more trouble...

Alchemist -- The apprentice of a House employee, now out a job. Ah well the best way to get better at alchemy (and to afford expensive reagents) is adventuring . Plus you get to blow stuff up.

Dragonfire Adept -- One of a pair of siblings, Chosen by the House but nothing is more important than friendship and besides being Chosen is boring. Better to Burn Bright than Fade Away.

Dragon Shaman -- The other half of the pair. Where my sibling goes I go.

Brass Dragon Blooded Sorcerer (or Battle Sorcerer) -- Your parents are the exiled ones, putting some space between them and you at least till you grow in power is a good way to stay alive

Artificer - Another unemployed House employee now out a job. You also have feelings (protective or romantic) for one of the other party members. Ah complications...

Gun Mage -- A rebel prince/princess. This may not be a lark but who wants to be couped up all the time?

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