Saturday, July 10, 2010

So Are You a Big Stink Hypocrite Planning to Create a Bunch of New Crunchy Pathfinder Stuff

Well the answer to that question is, hedge -- hedge -- hedge -- kinda

If things go well I will be putting out a bunch of new spells and maybe some prestige classes and feats.

The spells are coming out because, well I love spells

These and the prestige classes were were already published years ago (so I know they were good) in D20 Weekly (they are OGL) and thus recycling --

As for the feats, they serve a niche I think is not being served (cool weapon style feats)--

Besides, not everyone has gone completely overboard and larded up on material like I have. A lot of folks out there in gaming land need new stuff.


  1. Was somebody heckling you?

    Put out what you want, for whatever system you want.

    Despite trying to stay out of various internet kerfluffles, I agree with Raggi in the current one. As long as you're playing or making material for the old school D&D and D&D derived games, you're part of the Renaissance (not any movements, just part of the rebirth of OS gaming), and what else you do doesn't matter.

    Besides, anything created for any game (even games we don't like) is potentially fodder for good ideas for any other game.

  2. No heckling. Just a bit of a personal aside. I have a strong intolerance of hypocrisy and it seems a bit suspect to put out a big grip of the same thing I was compalining about.

    And I agree with Raggi, 100%.