Friday, July 2, 2010

The Role of Women in Midrea

The most important thing to note is that female PC's can be any role they want and try to achieve anything they like. It might be a struggle but anything can be had

In general the role of women in Midrea is very culture dependent. I have one semi matriarchy, The Hyrkan (think a Miriam Gimbutas style of bronze age government) two full true matriarchy, The Queens Domain and the Mazi (hey its fantasy who cares if there never were such things) a lot of places where the status of women is lower than that of men but higher than in the real world, a couple of places with legal equality and one where women are chattel.

In general, the status of women though is higher than that of women in the past of the real world for three reasons

#1 Magic -- there are lots of women sorcerers and cleric and so on -- a fireball cares not for the casters gender as they say
#2 Contraception -- there are common and effective magical and mundane sorts of contraception available -- cheap
#3 Two female headed pantheons -- there is an equivalent to Wicca and a polytheistic pantheon called The Fifty

For the most part women fill mouch the same roles that they fill in the real ancient world , wives and mothers. There are few female warriors though there are more than in history and there is even the obligatory all female mercenary troop or three. There are also many more rulers and lots of magic types and priestesses.

The only roles women rarely fill are Death Knight (there is only one in fact The Corpse Maiden) , as women are rarely warriors and even more rarely evil enough, Liches (there are 2 in all) as women rarely are evil or powerful enough to take this path and Archmage as women usually lack the ambition (there are a few dozen).As for Lesbian Vampire Sorceresses (and yes someone did ask) -- there aren't any

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