Thursday, July 1, 2010

Booze in Midrea

Booze is a curious thing in Midrea. Its less important than in medieval Europe for a lot of reasons.

1st, Water is easily purified with a very minor spell that most villages have access to in the form of a well charm.

2nd, There is tea as a substitute on the rare occasion water is chancy.

3rd, Humans of Shan extraction have no real cultural tradition of alcohol or drug consumption (other than Blackroot the other drugs were brought by the shapers) . Also most Shan-folk carry a gene that makes alcohol quite nauseating and ineffective to boot. This is not a dominant gene but at least 1/3 of the populace carry it in one form or another. Interestingly Vara-Stock (Vinyari and Gallitep) both carry the resistance portion of the gene, though not the nausea component . Neither culture uses drugs or has a tradition of ecstatic activities of any kind. Since they posses an innate ability to null pain and to be calm, this never came about

4th Also many of the central cultures are abstemious , and prefer tea or coffee . The Lawbringer faith harshly punishes public drunkenness as well and it is spreading too.

Now this being a world with humans in it, there is alcohol , beer and ale, wine and even distillation. Gin is popular enough among Dwarfs that it is often called Dwarven Spirits. Halfling folk like good beer and the Brin are game for anything.

However there is no such thing as Celana, Elf wine, probably.

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