Monday, July 12, 2010

More Buckler-Mania The Golden Lion Buckler

The buckler is made of rust proof silvery steel and bears a raised lion rampant annealed with gold.

It is a -1 buckler for for anyone who is a coward (DM's decision) It becomes +1 in the hands of a person of ordinary bravery and in the hands of a courageous person it is +3. In addition it grants the +3 bonus to all saving throws versus fear effects.

Once per day, in the hands of a brave person it can roar which causes all enemies to make a save vs fear or flee as if they had lost morale. Once per week it make a second roar that is equal to a shout spell.

Lastly, at any time the wielder is fighting courageously against impossible odds, the Golden Lion will leap from the shield to join in the fray. This is treated as a normal lion of maximum HP with all natural weapons (claws and teeth) as magic weapons at the bucklers plus.

If lion is killed, the buckler cracks and is destroyed but if victorious, the lion will return to the buckler to sleep until needed again.

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