Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Unicorn Buckler

I've really been into sword and buckler play of late and in honor of my recent obsession, here is another item to play with.

The Unicorn Buckler

No one knows who made this buckler but it appears to be constructed of some unknown bluish/silver metal and embossed with a black and unicorn composed of some indestructible material.

Its is +1 as both a weapon and as a buckler (granting a bonus of 2 to AC) . Upon mental command it can extend an alicorn horn. This horn is also a +1 weapon and does 1d4 piercing damage. The 1st time it is used in a combat (extended or retracted) the sudden shift penalizes the opponents armor class by 2.

In addition the buckler may cast cure light wounds 1 time per day and once per week, a single spell from the following list (dispel magic, cure serious wounds, cure disease or neutralize poison)

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