Thursday, July 1, 2010

Some Exotic Weapons in Midrea

There are quite a few odd weapons in Midrea. Most of the Asian ones can be found in Hajasa since it is a polyglot of Asian cultures pressed together by Shaper intervention.

Other include

Bladestaff -- the two bladed sword from the PHB. The only difference is that any staff specific feats work fine with it
Moonsword -- think Bat'leth. Uses the double axe stats but is also a trip weapon
Starblade -- Shuriken
Fighting Chain -- Spiked Chain only blunt. It can also be used as a double weapon as well
Weighted Scarf-- a Gypsy weapon useful for entangling, tripping and throttling as well as strikes
Shang -- This is a three bladed throwing iron
Greatbow --6 Foot Yew Bow with a 120 lb pull
Warsword (as Bastard Sword) There is also a wood version like a Bokken. All feats apply
Waraxe (as Dwarven Waraxe)
Three Part Staff (as Dire Flail)
Hook Hammer (as Gnome Hookhammer)
Battle Claw (a Shortsword that can't be disarmed and may power attack)
Chainwhip (uses Whip stats and feats does 1d6 lethal. May be bladed)
Spearthrower (adds 10 to the increment of any Javelin or Dart, increases die by 1 type. Allows missile weapon increments)

I moved a few weapons about as well.

. First, Monk weapons aren't exotic and Monks in my game can flurry with anything they are proficient in

Sai becomes Swordbreaker which is a martial weapon.
Nunchaku is called Chain Sticks. Its a light martial weapon.
Kama and Sickle are a single weapon Hand Scythe -- its martial
Repeating Crossbow is Martial but there is no heavy repeater.
Hand Crossbow does 1d4 and is a simple weapon

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