Saturday, July 17, 2010

Another World I Made: Veridian the World Forest

Another world I made just the guts of an idea I cooked up one afternoon . I have a tenative class and race list for another time if there is any interest.

If this world gives you an Avatar vibe, thats coincidental as I created the basic ideas a few years before Avatar came out. Its very very loosely inspired by Ursula K. Leguin's "The Word for World is Forest"

Let me also note that Veridian is a very magical world. The fact that a world sized forest is impossible in the real world is irrelevant. It is internally consistent and thats all that really matters to me.


All the world is trees, great temperate arboreal forests, some cool, some warm. The land is crisscrossed with rivers, and streams and dotted with lakes. A few mountains and hills jut up from the surface, gaping like mouths into the underworld . Near to mountains at the center a few pastures break wave in green and where water has accumulated there are fens and swamps .
There is no desert, no ocean, no sea.

Above the world is the sky, which is capped by the Roof of Forever. There are no Gods but the world is pervaded with spirits all jockeying for birth from the dream world of spirit to the real material world.

This is you home, among one of the some of the tribes of the people, or among the spirit folk or even among the hill peoples. So come , listen , all the world is dreaming .. Wake Up! Wake Up!

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