Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Five and a Half Petty Little Rules from my House Guidelines

These are petty little rules that I enforce for various reasons. They aren't especially fair but tough, my game, my rules

#1 Playing a different gender than your own is a privilege, not an given. Unless I think you can pull it off without the raft of defective characters this seem to create, the answer is no.

#2 The Gods are crazy. Entertain me and/or the whole table and I'll give you a fate point that can bail you out of a jam. You do start with one so, use it wisely..

#3 No Chaotic Evil, Chaotic Neutral "crazies" and no Neutral Evil PC's

#4 Nobody goes hungry at the table

#5 If you leave the campaign and you are tell me you don't care about what happens to your character , I reserve the right to do whatever awful thing I like to them.

and last this isn't a full rule as it applies to only one group. Personally it doesn't bother to have these types of things in context. I've played with anthros before the Fur subculture existed , but after my group mutinied in unison over cat people I imposed this rule for that group.

# 5 1/2 .No furry or anthro characters without unanimous consent of all the players.

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