Saturday, January 15, 2011

So if you Like E6/E8 so much Why Old School?

Well its a fair question with a simple answer. Old School is my (the DM's) game E6/E8 is more theirs (the players)

Old school provides the classic D&D experience I remember. Its a game of imagination and exploration and roleplaying and combat and treasure of course . More importantly its wild and woolly and personal in ways that the modern rules rigorous games are not.

E6/E8 OTOH is a lot of fun (or at least D&D is at those levels IME as I haven't played with the extra feats) but its modernness can be off putting and its a game with builds and optimization and a host of things that change the flavor of the game.

Its analogous to say reading a print books vs reading on a screen. They are both reading but the book is simply different.

And in case you ask, assuming I run D&D of some kind this year (its not certain and in fact I might even run GURPS or Angel) it will probably be E6/E8 . The likely players (they are 2e ear guys) seem to like this idea a bit better and while maybe its not as cool as introducing them to S&W of LL, it will still be fun.

And having fun is the whole point anyway.

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