Monday, January 31, 2011

Ages of Midrea

Note, this post was supposed to be second to last. Blame Blogspot if you like ro me for composing them in the wrong order. Anywhere here is a taste of Midrea, the mandatory time line.

Unlike a lot of Fantasy Worlds Midrea has a fairly short history, 1200 years in total ..

Its history (or at least the human part of it) starts with the coming of Humans to to Midrea via the Blue Gate some 1200 years ago. The first six hundred years or so, called the First Period is divided into Three Eras, sometimes called Ages, These ages are named for the Gates from which the new folk came.

First Era (The Blue Age) Human entry to Midrea, Foundation of Firom. 1-169. Note these is no Arcane or Divine Magic in this period, however Ley Line Magic does exist

Second Era (The Indigo Age) Shan Entry to Midrea 170 -391 . The opening of this gate allows for both Arcane and Divine Magic.

Third Era (The Green Age) Coming of the Fae to Midrea 392-631. The 1st Sorcerers occur during this period and gunpowder becomes unreliable do to magical saturation of the land

Second Period

Fourth Era (Early Modern) Other Gates are opened brining in new folks. 632-818

Unhallowed War 819-919 (Middle Modern) This was the war against the Abyss, The Death Lords and its aftermath

Modern Era 920-1191 This is when most of my games are set and its the blog standard "Time of Adventure"

Gate Keeper War 1192-1193 -- During this period the gates are destroyed.

False Gods War (aka War of Souls) 1197 -- During this period the False Gods are Destroyed and the souls they were preventing from reincarnating are freed. All magic save Ley Line Magic stops working although magic items still function. Alchemy also becomes more difficult and expensive as magically supersaturated materials become rarer (Alchemy is normal cost as per SRD) however gunpowder is now safer and more reliable. Muskets start to proliferate

Enlightenment 1200 -- This is the Year Zero for the Wielders variant using a hybrid of the Psychic's Handbook/True20, D&D items and E8 low magic rules.

Lastly , it should be noted that the Steel Cities folk use a different calender set up dating from Year 1 (Shipfall) to the current Year (541) , The Plainsfolk also claim different calenders as theirs include time on their home world.

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