Saturday, January 15, 2011

So Wait.. E8 for Fantasy Super Heros?

My answer is of course why not?

A fair number of the lowered powered supers can be written easily at L7 or L8 so long as you remember the guys they are facing are mostly 1st through 3rd level with some really elite outliers around 5th.

Use low magic rules and give your heroes bodacious stats and some fate points and you can have a game that feels in play much like a comic book..

Your Bat Themed Vigilante ? 8th Human Rogue w. extra feats

Cancuck Berserker? 8th Level Shifter Barbarian

Star Spangled Shield Guy? 8th Fighter with Adamantium Shield

and so on.

With this variant you can use D&D to play Lord of the Rings and Batman or many of you favorite fantasy books with minimal rules changes.

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