Saturday, January 29, 2011

My 500k Choices

I had a hard time with these choices and in the end had to let armor go. Really I can't see much use in medieval armor in the 21st century anyway. Besides with the arming ring I could stash mundane armor in there and combined with the other items and the fact reality (tm) is really E6 anyway ;) I should be fine.

Part of my selection also includes the fact that I included items for family and comfort. I am not e one of the adventurer/heavily armed hobo types that seem to make up some PC's groups after all, just a bored and silly 21st century schmo ....

Sources include Magic Item Compendium, Pathfinder and my old lists from Dragon

2 X Campfire bead

6x Nacreous Grey Ioun Stone in Wayfinders

Ring of 3 Wishes

Cauldron of Plenty

3x Muleback Cords

Ring of Invisibility and Protection +2

6X Handy Haversacks

6x Hat of Disguise

6x Vestments Many Styles

Belt of Hidden Pouches

Survival Pouch

2 Protection Arrows Potions

20 Seeker Rounds (modern rifle rounds likely)

Forceshot Pistol

2 Enlarge Person Potion

2 Reduce Person Potion

16 Cure Light Potions

2 Potion Spider Climb

4 Pass without Trace Potions

6 Cure Moderate Potions

6 Cure Serious Potions

Rod of Metal and Mineral Detection

3 Immovable Rods

Rod of Enemy Detection

Rod of Security

Ring of Lockpicking

Meteoric Knife

Gwareons Boot

Magic Amulet made with MIC rules (+2 to AC, +2 to Con, Emergency Healing)

Ring of Arming

Pearl of Speech 6x

Lesser Return Crystal for pistol

10 Bottles Goodberry wine

2 bags animated caltrops

Circlet persuasion

decanter endless water

2 bottles kegotums ointment (10 doses)

45 Blessed Bandages

6 Everfull Mugs

Rope of Climbing

Optionally I think I'd drop the seeker rounds and maybe the cauldron which would be 31,500 k worth of gear.

Of course being able to reach out and auto-zap a possible threat at like a mile or something could come in handy as would having an unlimited food source so its hard to say.

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