Monday, January 31, 2011

The Nearly Last 1/2010 Post. Do You Want to Know about Midrea

Juts a question for my loyal readers.

Is anyone interested in a Midrea Gazetteer?

I figure it would be a 64 page (or so) free PDF with enough material to get someone started or to fill in themselves. More details could be offered for a modest price as maybe regional guides or other sorts of splat books.

Make the game offer it in Pathfinder system or one of the old school systems as well. Conversions aren't hard as the game has world has been used with AD&D2e, Rolemaster, homebrew card toss , Novel Form (??!! yes it was mediocre) 3x and GURPS (where the bulk of the writing was done)

Its generic enough but different enough to be different. I hope. Or its another Fantasy Heartbreaker and I am deluding myself. Either way, it might be useful for someone not interested in world design but who needs a sandbox to play in.

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