Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Humor: 6 Things you'll probably never hear in my game circle , thank goodness

#1 Umm, so your party is a Warforged Factotum with really high stats who thinks he has no emotions, A Long Claw Shifter Barbarian with Admantium Bones ,a now good Drow Ranger with two scimitars, A Xeph Bard with a cracked sense of humor who eats cats, A Human Wizard with hourglass eyes and a Lizard thing Paladin -- IEEEE!

#2 No, I will not play in your Drow Matriarchy game making extensive use of the Book of Erotic Fantasy and the Book of Vile Darkness

#3 Especially if its a LARP!

#4 Unless the Lady DM and all the female players are at least 7's anyway ...

#5 No Dude, your character cannot have a chain mail bikini

#6 Yes I know I borrowed some elements from the Gor Novels, and yes they had them in Blackmoor you still can't have a Tarn.

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