Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Types of Magic in 3x Midrea, a Quick Primer Part 1

Magic in Midrea is a complicated thing with many facets and different flavors , represented of course as character classes.

The basic form is natural to the land and is called Ley Line Magic. Its psychic powers amplified by naturally occurring streams of ambient energy. It uses a mix of Green Ronin's Psychic Handbook and the True 20 Adept's Handbook

The next form is Arcane Magic. It is drawn from extra-dimensional forces. These forces became accessible when the Gate system was operational however as the operation of the Gates draws on the Ley Line Network to power it, during periods ion which Arcane Magic is possible Ley Line Magic ceases working.

Next up is Psionics. This is a created by Astral Flow (also known as Hyperspacial Bleed) from the Astral Rift which is a gate leading into the energy realm most folks call the Astral Plane. It uses the various Psionic Rules principally the SRD and Psionics Unleashed by Dream Scarred Press along with WOTC and Malhavok Psionic material converted as needed for Pathfinder. Like Arcane Magic, when Psionics are functional, Ley Line Magic is not.

Pact Magic
is fairly rare as few people want to risk life, sanity and possibly soul dealing with Fragmented Extra-Dimensional Powers.

Sorcery is driven by energy contamination from the Violet Gate in the land most folks call Faerie interacting with the natural shaping abilities of certain species.

Ki Magic Ki Magic is inherent like Psychic Magic and is a version of that. Unlike Psychic Magic it does work with Arcane Magic as Ki flows adapt well enough to function with both power sources .

Structural Magic
uses the Warlock class from Adamant's Tome of Secrets . This power is derived from understanding and attunement to the meta principles of Arcane Magic. Its distantly related to Meta Magic Feats but goes deeper into understanding the divisions of power itself. Its also quite rare.

Summoners gain their power from being born near and naturally attuned to the resonance of a Gate.

Alchemy is a natural product of the energies saturating Midrea and the Alchemist Class internalizes those energies and takes them in new directions. The Alchemist as a class ceases to exist after the Gates are destroyed as the flow of extra-dimensional energy ceases. Alchemy as skill however operates normally.

Divine Magic is granted by by Deities and other powerful beings who have learned to harvest the energy inherent in worship and in souls in exchange for service. Oracles, Witches, Clerics, Inquisitors , Paladins and other classes gain power in the same way Divine Magic ceases after the False Gods War restores the natural balance of creation.

Druid Magic is a form of Divine Magic that is drawn from the embodiment of Midrea as a divine being. It works the same as other forms of Divine Magic.

Thus ends Part 1, the Open magic styles. This essay is a early draft of what will appear in the Midrea 3X Guide.

Part 2 will include discussion of closed content and will not appear anywhere but this blog.

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