Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gestalt Rules on Midrea 3x

Yep I do have them. Coming up with these was a bit tricky but in the end I was inspired by Inuyasha and other anime and came up with this.

Gestalts also called Exemplars are created when a person of exceptional potential becomes attuned to a shard of the gem of the Realms. This jewel was created by unknown parties in Orena sometime around 922 . These persons were attempting to fuse all of the different magical powers into a single artifact. While this did create a Gem this proved to be unstable and the it exploded into energized fragments.

Person with enough potential (high stats and at least 5th level) gain the a Gestalt class as per the SRD except that unlike the standard rules, one class will always be a magical class. When this class is gained, they gain one Gestalt level immediately and 2 Gestalt Levels at each level up till the levels are even,

Once a person becomes an Exemplar even loss of the Shard won't change this although death will drain the Gestalt levels and render the person ordinary. Mind you, nothing stops said person from gaining another shard and again regaining lost Gestalt levels. Such an event, while rare is instantaneous.

In addition Exemplars also gain the ability to enchant shards of the Gem using magical material as if they had the appropriate item creation feats.

A Gem Shard that is embedded in a Charkra point uses that point and maybe be enchanted as any item that would normally be appropriate. It functions normally except that it must be cut from a person in order to be taken and it cannot be targeted or disarmed. Its also cannot be changed although with practice (and appropriate feat) it is possible to drain magic from an item linked to that Chakra into the Gem.

Shards may also be carried. These are treated as slot-less items even if they are in jewelery or the like. As above it also possible to drain items with the feat. Although only one half the energy is collected when used in this way such energy may be used for any purpose.

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