Sunday, February 6, 2011

So you want to be an Old School Player?

Here are a few simple tips.

#1 Use your imagination.

You need to think on your feet, outside the box and beyond the sheet.

#2 Trust your GM

Modern rule sets stress rules for most things you encounter or do. Old School however is about rulings not rules. In such a situation a good old school player needs to trust his GM. If the GM doing a bad job,of you have every right to deal with it like an adult , leave the game or whatever you need to do and of course a bit of grumbling is a grognards privilege but push to shove, the GM's word is law. Deal.

#3 Explore the world.

Its not a static world or a railroad (a few adventures accepted) and its not a video game. Feel free to explore, poke and prod and treat the world like its a living place, suggest things that might be there and more. Of course you shouldn't do this in a way that takes away other peoples fun but old school games are exploratory. So get out there and explore.

and the last and most important rule

#4 Be Excellent to the Other Players and the GM.

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