Sunday, February 6, 2011

This could be the golden age of gaming Part #2-1 People

The only thing that is keeping this from being the golden age of gaming for sure is the people problem. As I mentioned in Why RPG's are Good For You.. our social networks are fragmented.

What we need to do is to make our hobby bigger. This is not an incermountable task as many might think but it does require some effort.

To make our hobby strong we need to invite new people and lapsed gamers into the fold. This recession leaving many people time rich and cash poor provides us with a bit of an opportunity. Also this being a sci-fi rich age many more people have been exposed to the kind of things games are made of and as such, might be open to the unique and wonderful experiences our hobby provides.

Here are some tricks I suggest to help us do this once you've conned a few people into a game.

#1 Be a smart recruiter and be prepared with fun. Have pregens snacks and soda and a clean play space. Heck have some board games too in case the RPG tanks. That way you can salvage some fun and they might even be willing to try again some other time.

#2 To be cold, don't invite the Morlocks. Many groups have a player with weak social skills who simple weirds non gamers out. Don't invite them. They will scare away recruits. Instead have them join another time for another game with the regulars.

#3 Keep communications open. This means get cell phone #'s and E-Mail contact info and though its a pain and you shouldn't have to d this follow up.

#4 Hide the distractions. This means video games, Internet, everything. Put it under wraps.

#5 Manage your jargon. Gaming like every other hobby is full of in jokes and jargon. Some of this is inevitable but try and make sure your newbies don't feel left out.

#6 Lead if you need. Player of GM it doesn't matter. Keep th game going and keep it fun.
Now gaming may not click for everyone but at least you'll have done it right.

#7 Have a fun scenario and play the heck out of it

Any other tips?

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