Monday, February 28, 2011

What planned for OS/2 Warped

Actually I do have plans for this. If the players decide to run with OS/2 Warped I'll be running a series of classic 1e modules updated. This should be a treat for me as I haven't messed with them in years and my players as the modules were out of favor about the time they entered gaming.

Which modules will be in use is yet undecided, though I am thinking Keep on the Borderlands, Sinister Secret of Salt Marsh and possibly the Assassin's Knot and the Slavers/Giants/Demonweb series as well.

The rule will be a modified version of my OS/2 Warped (available in the side bar of course) with some useful bits of Myth and Magic the 2e retro-remix added in as appropriate.

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