Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Magic in 3x Midrea, Expansion

This is not part 2 but an expansion of part 1 detailing a few bits I forgot.

Bard Magic is related to Sorcery and occurs among people with exceptional creative and performing talents than are exposed to the energy of the Violet Gate at a young age. This energy is a kind of glare and clamor in the form of words or an inchoate song, most folks call it Glamor.

Sometimes called Witchcraft, Wicce (pronounced wis) , or Witta this is an arcane tradition that blends some spiritual, natural and arcane powers. Most of its practitioners are women but this not a requirement. This class uses a blend of rules rules from Green Ronin's Witches Handbook, Mongoose's Quintessential Witch, Web Warlocks entirely free and excellent Liber Mysterium and Citizen Game's/Trollord's Way of the Witch.

Shamans. These mysterious people are much as they are in Earthly traditions though with assistance from spirit intermediaries they can access the ambient magical energy that lies in the space between worlds that is available at different periods, I use a mix of WOTC and Green Ronin's Shaman's Handbook

Spell Preparation.

Spell Preparation is the easiest form of magic to master as it only requires access to study materials, enough discipline to meditate enough mental power and enough intelligence to understand and master the magic. It takes about 6 years of study to master "3rd Magnitude" spells and be considered a full fledged wizard. Training typically starts around 16-18 or so for most children as younger pupils often lack the focus necessary.

Each tradition uses its own mnemonic patterns to facilitate the trance like states needed to impress the spells to manipulate energy on the Wizards mind. This can make gaining new spells a bit of a challenge of course but for those with the resources it can be a worthwhile endeavor.

It should also be noted that many people have a mastered cantrip or two. Fully half the population has the brains to do this and while they don't all have the time , money or inclination during period in which arcane magic works, its not uncommon to see a cantrip or two.

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