Saturday, February 5, 2011

System Builds Worlds

The central conceit of Midrea is a simple one. The system builds the world.

What this means is the social assumptions and history of the world are directed by the possible outcomes of my interpretation of the RPG rules base I am designing for.

Now as Midrea was used with a myriad of different rules (3x , AD&D2, Homebrew, Systemless Homebrew, GURPS and a smidgen of Rolemaster and Runequest 2e) and then partially as bad literature sometimes the seams show a bit, bit however it comes out, Midrea is a game world and I am proud of that fact.

In my not so humble opinion, many would be game writers would benefit from remembering that they aren't novelists designing a world for their novel but gamers building an imaginary world to roleplay in.

And yes the converse is also true with the occasional obvious exception


  1. Makes me think of Eberron. That was the one world that really fit with 3rd edition, since it took all of the silly bits and all of the classes and races and extrapolated and extrapolated until finally they had a setting where it wasn't medieval drudge world with magic coming out everywhere, it was sort of a medieval/steampunk kind of world where everything kind of made sense.

  2. Good catch.

    I was aiming for the same thing in Midrea actually but at the time I was neither as skilled a designer as Keith Baker nor as good as communicating that.