Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Those Pesky WOTC Magic Classes

This is almost an outtake or fan supplement as these classes contain closed content owned by Wizards of the Coast. As such you'd never seen any of it anywhere but here on line.

However as part of my "use almost anything in a logical fashion" approach to Midrea I had to shoehorn some of the WOTC classes in.

1st was the Warlock. These guys gain there power either by birth to a Warlock parent, being granted power (by say a dying Warlock) , from killing a Warlock with a cold iron blade (DC18 bardic or arcane check to know this) or by being exposed to the Well of Archeon (DC10 bardic, arcane or Int check) which is a Proto-Gate.

Four Classes, Healer, Warmage, Dread Necromancer and Beguiler all share a common origin/ These types were granted power by the Tears of the Sleeping Goddesses who are rumored to be the lost or murdered consorts of the Lawbringer. A word of warning though, spreading that rumor in lands Under the Law is the heresy and the penalties are unpleasant.

Deathlord from the Dragon Compendium was another "magical radiation" origin as such persons are attuned to the magical energy of the wastelands

Incarnum is the raw spiritual energy and was discovered by experimentation into the natur eof divinity in Orena.

Another Orena discovery is the The Sublime Way. These Book of Nine Swords powers come from intense training in the interaction between natural Ki magic and ambient energy fields from the various gates,

Dragon Magic, in a particular Dragon Shamans and Dragonfire Adepts come from The Dragon Empire as you might expect and are a product of deep connection between the houses and the Draconic Spiritual Forces. These same forces also produce the Dragon Disciple prestige class.

lastly, the various Pseudo-Asian classes such as Shugenja, Wu_jen and the like are simply variants of the existing power types.

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