Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Origin of Wizards on Midrea

This is actually a decently well known fact known to anyone making a Bardic Lore check or Knowledge Arcana check at DC15.

Arcane Magic was discovered by Baran the Master Magister around the year 170 or so. He discovered The First Book and a magic pair of spectacles that enabled him to understand the text. After that he taught himself Wizardry and eventually taught a few additional people the art and it spread from there. The First Book is at the Collegium in Firom. Its value is mostly historical as its an ordinary spellbook in the Shaper idiom that contains essentially all the spells in SRD they do not bear a proper name.

A DC20 check of either will also reveal that Baran is still around and in fact still holds his position as the Master Magsiter and as before is found in the Passak Vale near the Stehl Mountains.

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