Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So Anthros in Midrea?

Aka Animal Folk or Furs or whatever. The answer is, yes of course.

Not only does baseline D&D have them (Gnolls in the Monster Manual, Tabaxi in Fiend Folio 2 and several others in B/X) but myth and gaming are filled with references.

I was also a bit inspired by Merle from The Vision of Escaflowne (I saw it just before 3.0) and of course Thun the Lion Man (from the Flash Gordon Cartoon) and Palladium's Wolfen.

And while Midrea has changed a bit since its one page part 7 demands they be included.

7. What’s new? What’s different?
The flexible nature of the cosmology allows anything to be dropped in with a minimum of fuss.

However as rule 5.5 of my 5 petty rules notes, many players dislike them.

I compromised by putting them in their own realm with a Proto-Gate across the dangerous Sea of Kifn with its Perpetual Storm . This keep them rare and allows me to justifiably say "well no one has seen any for a while"

I also dealt with the "Furversion" and "Yif" elements by making this abundantly clear

"Anthros are only sexually attracted to their own subspecies (cat folk to cat folk, dog folk to dog folk and so) within Earthly breeding parameters and anyone breaking that rule or going into Yif or Furverted territory will either get the boot or be banned from playing this type of thing. Emotional attachments to humans (friendship, platonic love or the like) however are fine.

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