Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Introducing: Silas the Senior Gate Warden

This is a rough preview of The Book of Gates for Pathfinder and it details one of the Gate Wardens.

Someone has to keep an eye on Midrea's Gates not only to keep people from using them for various nefarious purposes but to keep potential threats from the other side under some semblance ofcontrol.

In the city of Firhom, the Senior Warden is a man named Silas. Silas is relatively young for a Senior Gate Warden, being only 50 but his previous superior, Sten Grendi died of a heart attack and as the most powerful and skilled of the Wardens, his job fell to Silas.

It pays decently well but that is offset by needing to deal with political intrigue and the occasional extra-dimensional invasion.

What the heck, its a living ...

Note this stat block does not include a fill write up for his Edolion. If you plan on using Silas in your game, you can detail that yourself along with any necessary calculations or wait for the book.

Silas the Senior Gate Warden

S 12
I 14
W 12
D 14
C 14
Ch 24 (effective 30)


Skills 96
Knowledge Planes 15
Knowledge Nobility 10
Knowledge History 10
Knowledge Dungeons 10
Knowledge Engineering 10
Knowledge Nature 10
Knowledge Arcana 10
Knowledge Geography 8
Knowledge Local 8
Stealth 5
Spellcraft 10
Use Magic Device 15
Perception 5
Sense Motive 5
Diplomacy 9
Linguistics 15 (speaks 10 languages)
Fly 5
Ride 5
Handle Animal 10

H Alertness
1 Scribe Scrolls
3 Augment Summoning
5 Extend Spell
7 Eschew Materials
9 Lighting Reflexes
11 Arcane Blast
13 Summoners Call
15 Iron Will

Spells Known
L0 detect magic, mage hand, mending, message, read magic, arcane mark
L1 protection from, shield, unfetter, alarm, unseen servant, magic fang
L2 glitterdust, detect thoughts, see invisible, summon ediolon, alter self, slow
L3 fly, greater invisibility, evolution surge, rejuvenate ediolon, seek thoughts
L4 hold monster, dismissal, contact other plane, mages faithful hound, baleful polymorph
L5 banishment, spell turning, true seeing, greater dispel magic
L6 discern location , mass charm monster

Spell Per Day
L0 At Will
L1 5
L2 5
L3 5
L4 4
L5 3
L6 1

Special Abilities
Life Link
Summon Monster I-VIII (9 day)
Bond Senses
Shield Ally +Greater Shield Ally
Makers Call (3 day)
Merge Forms

Greater Rod (lightt mace) of Enemy Detection +1
Glamored Mirthril Chain Shirt +4
Amulet Natural Armor +4 32k
Ring of Deflection +4 32k
Cloak of Resistance +5 25K
Potions as needed
Light Crossbow
20+1 Bolts
Scrolls as needed
Head band of Alluring Charisma +6
Tome of Leadership and Influence +2 (used)
Crystal Ball w/ True Seeing


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