Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Dozen and One Interesting Ways (other than tomb robbing) to Make a Fortune on Midrea

#1 Spice Trade

Like people everywhere spices are always in demand and getting exotic southern spices to northern ports or vice a versa in good time is very profitable.

#2 Dealing in Magical Materials

Dangerous, yes but very profitable

#3 Amachian Land Grab

Land is free for the taking in Doomed Amachai if you are willing to risk freebooters, bandits, monsters, wild magic and any residual effects of the curse.

#4 Exotic Slave Trade

Regular slaves are cheap with all the wars and such and demand is fairly low, however strange or unusual slaves such as different races or usually skilled or exotic appearances are always in demand.

#5 Drugs

Drugs are mostly legal but there is a good market for a variety of noxious substances.

#6 Energy Equipment

If you can find equipment from the Drift Realm, crashed Astral Ship or the like, there is big money in it.

#7 Technology

Find a new, useful and sustainable technology or knowledge maybe from another realm and profits are yours. Of course getting there is hard and plane shifting magic is very very rare.

#8 Piracy or Banditry

With a little luck, its possible to make more than a bit of money in the crime business, It is however as or more dangerous than tomb robbing, so be careful or it will be a short life but a merry one.

#9 Terran Artifacts

Even something like the complete works of Judith Krantz would of tremendous value. Very big money can be had with a new kind of firearm or even better a military weapon, especially if you have the manual for it.

#10 Wastelands Looting

Yes this is technically a kind of tomb robbing but whole areas of Amachia and the Lost Kingdoms are unoccupied and likely full of valuables.

#11 Mercenary Work

There is always work for Mercs and with all the wars on, its a great time to swing a blade.

#12 Bounty Hunting

Whether its escaped criminals, run away slaves or thief catching, a good Bounty Hunter willing to tackle dangerous prey can make a small fortune. If he or she lives anyway.

#13 Monster Hunter

Exterminating dangerous critters pays well and you usually get to loot them as well. Other hunters bring them in alive either for magical experimentation or the zoos of the wealthy. This is dangerous but what's a little risk among friends?

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