Thursday, April 14, 2011

Excerpts from my Old School Player Handout #2 Stats

Here is another Tombs and Troubles excerpt ...


The next step is rolling up your stats. There are three ways you can do this, you may

#1 Roll 4d6 drop the lowest six times and arrange as desired. This method is the default but if the dice are fickle you may not qualify for the class you want.

#2 You may select a class, place the minimum stats into the class and roll 4d6 drop the lowest in order. This will guarantee your choice of class but may result in some unusual stat combinations such as high charisma fighters or the like.

#3 roll on the background table. This will grant you less control over what stats are good or bad but will grant you a few small extras such as contacts and equipment.

As your character is supposed to be marginally above average you may reroll anything below an 8. Also really poor sets of stats may be rerolled entirely at my discretion.


  1. I like your method number 2. I intend to steal it :)

  2. Please do! I hope it works well for your group.

    If you are curious, I created it as a kind of hybrid between "new school" play what you want and "old school" play what you get.

    I have used it in games I played (haven't run much old school of late) with DM permission and they seemed to like it OK as well.