Thursday, April 28, 2011

Human Ethnographic Makeup of Midrea

This is a little wonkier than my usual post falling more into the technical and semi scientific style of posting, a little like Tao's work so bear with.

One thing I wanted to do when I designed Midrea was lampshade the European fantasy tropes a little bit. Most fantasy worlds for various reasons are derived from European myth cycles and cultural modes. Oh sure sometimes there is some Orientalism, mainly about Japan and bad Chinese movies with a smidgen of Arabian Nights but on the whole, its Europe meets American all the way through.

Now mind you I have no issue with this. In fact I wanted to do this openly Instead and to take the All European All The Time idea and run with it.

In addition I needed a common tongue and as it happened the two if them meshed together perfectly.

How it came out is this

Humans, the most common sophont on Midrea (making up 75% of sentient people) are not native to the world .

Humans in fact originated on Earth (the Blue Realm in Midrea parlance) and were brought across the Gateways by a mysterious alien race called the Shapers. For reasons known only to the Shapers every person selected spoke English at least as a second language.
These people were brought over in waves from the late 14th century to the early 23nd although they mostly arrived at the same time (about 1500 years ago Midrea Time)

The period breakdown is such

10% 14th thru 15th century (mostly craftsmen) England and regions

15% 16th century Elizabethan England and regions

10% 17th century England

10% 18th century England and Empire

10% 19th century Anglosphere

10% Early 20th century Anglosphere

15% Late 20th early 21st centuries (Global)

10% 21st century (Global)

5% 22nd Century (Global)

5% 23rd Century (Global)

Of the Human Folk 60% are of UK origin, 30% are other European or mixed European origin and 10% are non European entirely being composed of peoples from everywhere on Earth.

It should be noted that racism as we know it is not an issue on Midrea. While certainly some Gate Folk held suchs views instead People prefer to kill or enslave other people for more traditional reasons, gold, religion, and far older views of nation of tribe and of culture ,

As for players choices , there certainly are families and tribes and clans of all kinds of ethnic makeup and as such like gender or any cosmetic detail, any skin color or origin may be selected without any effect on how the rules are applied.

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