Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tim Brannan's Using Fortune Cards with B/X

A while back I mentioned a little B/X support was forthcoming.

Well as mentioned over at the Otherside Blog here is the article . Its not a long article but its free and a paid gig for a cool guy.

Nothing wrong with that.


  1. Hey! Thanks for the praise. I hope the article lived up to the hype. I was glad that when I told WotC that I wanted to write about our B/X game their response was "great! We love all D&D here!"

  2. Glad to. I have quite enjoyed your blog and like you also enjoy "modern fantasy" and Unisystem. Plus I am always happy to see fellow gamers get ahead.

    on a side , my group actually prefers my Buffy/Angel games to my D&D. It go so as I couldn't face the genre in games for fiction for a while and so it was back to "secondary world fantasy"