Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Edition 35 Compendiums , Two Cool books you will alas never see

As I mentioned above, keeping a compendium is one of the ways that you can increase your chances of playing as vs, simply reading RPG's ...

Now in the interest of full disclosure I don't actually have these compendiums written, they exist mainly as a series of notes, mental and written down as to what material I would use in my games.
Even if I had them, I couldn't share them anyway.. Its a lot of closed content.

However here is how I'd do it in all its closed source virtual glory ...

#1 is Edition 35, Forward ...

This is a massive list of rules and options culled from 3x and OGL sources that I use with Pathfinder. Its mainly spells, monster and magic items but it also includes classes, and such. If this were a book I'd guess it would be 1000 pages. This seems like a lot but as its mostly magic stuff and critters, its not all that hard to deal with.

#2 Midrea 35

This is a parsed out list, divided by nation of what stuff, Pathfinder and E35F, I'd use in a Midrea games. It includes rules, monster list and special items alike. I'd guess this would be 256 pages including Midrea fluff .

There you have it, my take on Compendia. What's yours?

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