Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Excerpts from my Old School Player Handout #1 Welcome and Race/ Class

This is the welcome bit and the beginnings of the players guide . I will serialize the rest of it as I go along and once its done, make it available as a free download . . I hope y'all find it of some value.


Welcome to Tombs and Troubles, the old school D&D campaign. If you've never played Old School style before, please read or at least skim the handout before you play.

The first step is selecting race and class, Like A&D and later games, I am separating the two though as you will see, not all races can have all classes.

The available races are


Humans have no stat mods of any kind by ethnicity or gender . They may be any class . In addition they gain one extra roll on the gift table and a +10% XP bonus


Dwarves are a little Tolkien a little CS. Lewis and a little Norse Myth. They gain +1 to Constitution (and must have a minimum of 12 ) , -1 to Charisma. They gain a natural stone cunning, night vision (see in any light as per day) and a general bonus of +2 to all saves. They may be Fighter, Rogue, Runemaster and Wizard


Changeling are humans changed by the Fae either having a Fae parent or by by kidnapped and changed. They have normal human stats and gain Elf Sight and some limited Elven Immunities. They may be any class..

Other races may be allowed on a case by case basis, please ask me if you have a good concept or if you need more details for your choice.

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