Sunday, April 17, 2011

Excerpts from my Old School Player Handout #3 Part A of Classes

Excerpt #3 Classes without the abilities.


I will be using 2e style classes without multi-classing or dual classing. Instead certain classes will be adjusted using skills and powers, the DMG system and my own judgment to create composite classes as needed.

Note that most of these classes are fairly broad and archetypal and as such can fill in for many different types of roles. No need for a class for everything.

#1 Fighter

These are your combat professionals and career soldiers and combatants. Virtually anyone who depends on skill at arms qualifies as a fighter.
They along with Rogues are the most common classes and while fighters are not the bulk of most armies (that roll belongs to men at arms) they can be encountered almost anywhere .

#2 Rogue

This is the class for people who depend on dungeoneering or adventuring skills. It includes thieves, scholars, scouts , com men, trouble shooters and all other sorts of cunning fellows. They are encountered almost as often as fighters.

#3 Ranger

These are your special forces types and are physically and mentally exceptional fighters with extra wilderness skills and adventuring abilities beyond those of fighters. Some Rangers use magic as well though this is not uniform.

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