Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Midrean Armor List

Armor on Midrea is at about the late 15th century of development although unlike on Earth, chain is still cheaper than plate do to lot of existing stock (magically repaired armor lasts a long time) and slave labor.

Its possible other types of armor exists and of course I'd allow them on a case by case basis, however these are the most commonly seen ones.

The Vara Scale also deserves a mention. Its is the only scale armor with external scales on Midrea. Its typically fancifully decorated in patterns resembling fish and is functionally similar to Chinese Mountain Scale armor.

Midrean Armors (PF)



Arming Coat (Padded)

Leather Jack (Leather)

Leather Coat (Studded)

Chainmail Shirt

Leather Coat, Thigh Boots (Hide Shirt)

Ranger Armor (M.W. Studded)


Armored Coat


Mail Hauberk (Chain Mail)


Fitted (Agile) Breastplate

Leather Plate (Hide)

Vara Scale Armor (M.W. Agile Breastplate)


Breastplate (or Brigadine) and Thigh Boots (Banded)

Breastplate (or Brigadine) over Mail (Half Plate)

Fitted Breastplate (or Brigadine) over Mail (Agile Half Plate)

Full Plate

Fitted Plate (as Masterwork Agile HellKnight Plate)

Half Plate (Field Plate)

Wrist Shield (Buckler)

Buckler (Light Shield weights 2 lbs) *

Light Shield (as Light Shield +2 to AC) *

Heavy Shield (as Heavy Shield +3 to AC) *

9 Cities Buckler (as Masterwork Quickdraw Light Shield)

Tower Shield


Tournament Armor (Full and Fitted Plate Only) (As Vital Guard)

Locking Gauntlets

Shield Spikes (not on wrist shield)

Shield Blades (not on wrist shield)

Armor Blades (Full and Fitted Plate Only)

Throwing Shield (only 9 Cities Buckler)

Ibara Steel (Add 100% to armor cost of M.W. metal armor, gains +1 to AC)

Shield Clips (As Shield Sheathe Castle Keep-- CK)

Muffling (CK)

Camouflage (CK)

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