Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Theme Parties: The Six Fingered Hand

I haven't done one of these in a while and I am pretty sure this is my 1st villain group.

The Six Fingered Hand is probably the most feared group of malefactors on Midrea. Tomb Tainted and capable of any crime or depravity, unlike most evil groups this group is truly dedicated to one another. If they could be said to have any redeeming trait or affection, their genuine friendship to each other is that. Of course thats no consolation to anyone else ...

Unless noted all of the member of the groups are human (well sort of) and possess the Tomb Tainted Soul feat which allows them to treat negative energy as positive as vice versa.

Charis, L12 Anti Paladin. The groups leader and immoral center

Sen L12 Cleric Undead Domain

Mala Fallen Star ,L12 Order of the Star Mystic Ranger (uses extended Arcane and Ranger magics)

Fayer, L12 Dread Necromancer

Skit, Tomb Tainted Greater Tiefling Fiendish Inheritor L5Rogue L7Assassin (3.5)

Calik, L12 Warlock

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