Monday, March 14, 2011

Another CoupleSimple Questions? Why are You here? and Less Pathfinder More OSR?

Just a curious question, why do y'all visit my blog? What kind of content brings you and more importantly what kind o bait brings new blood heh heh ;)

Anyway I noticed that I don't get much interest in my Pathfinder posts. Few replies and few downloads either . As an example, Loadouts an actual illustrated product got maybe 25 downloads whereas poorly formatted house rules (OS/2 Warped) got near two hundred!

Still my low magic rules did pretty well (like a hundred or so) so I am wondering if thats a niche that needs filling.

So I guess I am a bit confused by this and am wondering of I might be better off forgoing most Pathfinder content, save maybe any professional-work I might do?

What do y'all think?


  1. For whatever my opinion is worth, I have absolutely no interest in Pathfinder. Unless it is a map or some kind of sparkly bit that has intrinsic value... meh

  2. Why, it's the hot elf chicks, of course!

    It was the AD&D 2E houserules that brought me here (curiostiy more than anything, as I play 1E or S&W). I threw your site in Google Reader just to see what else comes along.

  3. Thanks for the replies all. I'll keep on keeping on till something changes.

  4. Hey Matthew , a quick question. Did you actually find the rules useful?

  5. Why not make two blogs one for Pathfinder and one for OSR. You get to talk people get to hear just what they want.

  6. hey Hsu! Welcome to the blog homey ;)

    I has considered your idea as well but A: Its too much work and B: A lot of ideas are generic enough to be used with either.