Sunday, March 6, 2011

If the OSR is so good why did we give it up?

Well not of all us did of course but for those of us who gave it up here are 5 reasons why.

#1 New Fads. Like any hobby fads come and go and people, even geeks want to be on the bandwagon.

#2 Boredom. Yes, a lot of us got tired of that play style, especially he crude hand and slash so many of us played.

#3 Drift. A lot of us drifted into 2e and changed bit by bit. Early 2e was very old school but as the rules bloat was added, we just adopted it.

#4 Fatigue. Good old school gaming is tiring work. Newer games require less mental horsepower and just using whats provided spares time and energy real life may have claimed for other things.

#5 Lack of ability to use what we had. Hey, we were young than, not like the adults who designed the game, guys as old as many of us old-grogs. As kids we simply didn't know the best ways to use what we had.


  1. I think #4 has a lot to do with the popularity of the newest edition of d&d. All the mental work is done for you, between pre-made adventures and narrow character building all of that jazz.

  2. Good point. 4e does serve a certain niche of player very well much in the way Savage Wordls serves people with busy lives who want a quick pick up game.

    Its interesting though how a more complex edition Pathfinder/3.5) able to go toe to toe with 4.0. And its seems to me from what I have heard and am inferring from Mike Mearle's lets all get along blogging and the sales figures

    JMO but sales of 4.0 are not all that. Some of it is of course the economy and the upgrade costs but some of it is the response my friends have "This ain't what I call D&D" When people who started with OD&D and 2e and love 3x and have played 4e several times each reject the system wholesale that says something.