Friday, March 25, 2011

Why Don't Sorcerers Rule Midrea?

Or Bards or other spontaneous arcane casters for that matter? After all they have the charisma and the skills for it..

The reasons are simple.

#1 Sorcerers are rare

#2 Sorcerers and Bards are Charismatic but often driven by the inhuman motivations (the Glamour in the case of Bards) that grants them their power. This makes them a bit frightening to most folks and erodes their interest and ability to rule.

However there are exceptions, some Sorcerer Kings have been known (Infernal Bloodlines seem driven to it) and of course Spontaneous Casters do rule the Elves . In fact almost all Elves have Sorcerer or Bard or similar levels

Last there is an island called the Sorcerers Kingdom which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, a hellish place ruled by Sorcerers (and other Spontaneous Arcane Casters) from a hundred realms who have all come to a make a home and a kingdom for themselves and lord over mortal men.

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