Monday, March 14, 2011

Three Reasons the OSR rocks today

#1 Maturity

Many of us old Grogs are nearly the same age as Gary, Dave and the others. This gives us an adult perspective that leads to better gaming IMO.

#2 Experience

Most of us are experienced gamers and as such have learned from our mistakes and have been able to improve the game in ways that were impossible "Back in 1982"

#1 Generosity

The OSR is the one of most generous bunches of people I have ever seen . Our little community has tons of great stuff shared free for the asking, just for the love of sharing. Not only that we share what we have learned and are able to improve from dozens of people, not just the few guys we game with .
Its like a "best of" a dozen gaming groups. So we not only share knowledge, we also share our core rules . Doing this can bring in new blood (like me at one point) and make old school gaming available for anyone with an interest and a computer . Its an incredibly cool thing to be part of .

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