Thursday, March 10, 2011

So what is Old School Midrea Like?

Midrea started to be fleshed out around the time 2nd edition started onto its complete splats and from there it was modified to suit GURPS and various homebrew things. It was originally built like a secondary world using game rules rather than an RPG sandbox and as such a lot of things were left out.

In particular
Gate network.
Steampunk stuff
Anything designed around 3x classes
Dimensional travel except to D&D type worlds
Fantasy Mecha
Firhom and many of the "Tera" culture cities

In addition some things like the Wastelands were added later, though they could exist just fine in Old School Midrea

The flavor was more "Thieves World+ Conan+ Faerie Tale plus a smidgen of this and that"

In some ways I think the older version was more coherent and as players didn't have the urge to play as many things, it worked out fine.

If/When I release Midrea into the wild I'll probably include an OSR version but there will be differences.

Now I'd be curious what y'all think, should I release only a 3x version, only an OSR version, a single version with 3x notes or some other kind?


  1. Maybe a system-free sourcebook and then system-specific supplements with the stats separate?

  2. Not a bad idea, one I was considering. My only concern was that there are structural and cultural differences between the version.

    Also I checked out your blog. Nice random tables!