Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Rare Sunday Post Campaign Ideas

I usually don't post on Sunday but I was hit with a couple of cool campaign ideas ...

#1 Arrows

This is a version of the TV show Archer played straight. Espionage in an alternate now where the US is still locked into a cold war with whats left of the Soviet Union (they lost Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Eastern Germany but stayed together) China and a myriad of other states ....

#2 Back Then.

A police procedural stretching from 1975-1995 or so. The players would be young rookies and would be able to play out their careers after Vietnam to the mid 90's

#3 Island in the Fog

My take on "Lost" . Basically the PC are thrown together on a mysterious island after a fog takes them from wherever they were to there. Can they unravel the mystery of the island and discover the way home? Or do they even want too.

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